Monday, July 20, 2015

Chain Link and Wood Fence Repair

With the storm on Friday night, there were many wood fences and chain link fences in Minneapolis and suburbs that were damaged from the wind and fallen trees.  Western Red Cedar fence and chain link fences that are damage do not have to be replaced but can be repaired to the condition they were before the storm. Sterling Fence Inc can make these repairs promptly at a fraction of the cots of replacement.

Many fences are in perfectly good shape except for posts that are broken or rotted. The good news is that many of those fences can be repaired. Sterling Fence Inc does many wood repairs. We will dig out the out posts, replace then and pour new cement, thereby repairing the fence and extending its useful life,

With damaged chain link fences, the damage is usually due to trees or tree branches falling on the fence, damaging the toprail and bending the wire fabric. Sterling Fence Inc repairs chain link fence and will replace the toprail or part of the wire that is damaged

Call Sterling Fence Inc to have someone look at the free and provide you with a free estimate of cost

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