Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wood Fence repair.

The June storm caused great damage to Western red cedar fences from the wind and falling trees. Sterling Fence Inc. can repair these wood fences. There is no need to reaplce the fence in most cases. Posts can be replaced and sections repaired. Sterling Fence Inc. can give you an estimate for repairs,

Horse and Paddock fence

Sterling Fence Inc. installs different types of Pasture and Paddock fencing. The 2 most popular and safe styles are Mountain Split which comes from West Virginia and the 3 rail post and board style,

The Mountain Split rail fence which is also called West Virginia Split rail is a 3 rail fence with mixed hardwood rails and treated posts. The rails overlap each other through the post to add strength to the fence. The rails are 11' long. This has been a popular fence for decades on the horse farms of Pennsylvania and other East Coast states

The post and board fence is made of a  treated  northern white pine with 5"  posts every 8'

Sterling Fence Inc. can sell you the materials or install the horse pasture or paddock fence you desire.