Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wrought Iron, Rod Iron or Rot Iron??

We are often asked if we install wrought iron fence. It has been called Wrought Iron,Rod  Iron  and sometimes even Rot Iron.  Wrought Iron is the correct term. What the customers are usually really asking for is Ornamental fencing.

The name wrought iron come from 2 forms of iron made by smelting, wrought iron and cast iron. It contains less than .1% carbon making it making it a material that can be worked with hammers into tools, weapons and yes, railing and fencing.  Its use peaked in the mid 19th century as mild steel became available and  inexpensive. Wrought iron is no longer used for commercial purposes. The term  "wrought iron" in the fencing industry has become another generic term for ornamental fence.

In the early 20th century, fences which resembled wrought iron were made in fabricating shops. The material actually used was mild steel which was a good material at the time.  That type of fence can still be found being done in some shops. It is commonly painted with a dip tank, black being the classic color.

The ornamental fence that most fence companies use today,is made of steel or aluminum. Sterling Fence Inc uses Jerith material. Jerith is the oldest and largest manufacturer of aluminum ornamental fence in North America.With this experience comes a knowledge of metals, alloys and powder coating is unmatched.