Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fence Repair

Minnesota Winters are hard on all types of fencing, wood fence, chain link fence, ornemental and well as vinyl fence. Spring is a great time to take a look at your fence and evaluate its condition. Whether it is the frost moving the concrete footings, plowing snow into the fence or simply strong winds breaking the wood posts, Sterling Fence Inc can repair your fence. Wood privacy fences do not have to be replaced when posts break if the fence itself is intact and the wood sound. We can usually repair, replacing posts, using the existing fence, often saving hunreds of dollars.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Why does Western Red Cedar last so long? Tannin is the answer.

Sterling Fence Inc installs western red cedar fences all around the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. Customer always ask, " How long will it last? "  Western Red Cedar is used for fencing, siding and roofing for home and many other outdoor uses because of its inherent properties.

The presence of Tannin in western red cedar is the reason it lasts so long with outdoor use. Tannin is a natural oil found in western red cedar that makes the wood resistant to rotting and to insects. 

At Sterling Fence Inc we have found western red cedar to be a wonderful material to build our wood fences with. It is a stable wood which means it has a minimal amount of warping and twisiting compared to any kind of pine. We build our wood privacy fences as well as out picket fences with this material. Sterling Fence Inc will be happy to do a free estimate on any fencing project at your home,

5 Immediate steps to help prevent loss of pets to Coyotes.

The last few weeks at Sterling Fence Inc, we have received many calls from customers concerned about coyotes in their neighborhood and the danger they present to their cats and small dogs. Sterling Fence Inc can provide you with the most effective fence solutions to this problem. Her are 5 other non fence steps you can take to lessen the risk of loss that Sterling Fence Inc would recommend.

1) Remove bowls of food and water that you might have out for dogs and cats

2) Keep pets inside at dawn and dusk when Coyotes are most active.

3)Cut brush where Coyotes may be hiding toground level

4)Latch doggie doors to house or garage, Coyotes have been known to come into garages

5) Stop using bird feeders, they attract rats, mice and squirrels which attract coyotes

These are immediate steps you can take to start with which will help. Sterling Fence Inc has different ways to deal with the problem use fencing. We service Minneapolis and St. Paul. The coyote problems stem from the great habitat along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. At Sterling Fence Inc we  have received the greatest numbers of calls from Bloomington, Edina, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka.