Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wood fence repair

With the beautiful Spring weather, the fence installation season is in full swing at Sterling Fence Inc. A large part of our business is repairing wood fences.

In the 1960's in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area very few wood fences were installed, Almost all the fences installed were galvanized chain link. Beginning in the late 1970's customers began to ask for wood fence to be installed around their homes. Lumber was sold through lumber yards, fences being built with Redwood or Western Red Cedar,  rather than through fence wholesalers. In the 1980's the trend changed with large West Coast lumber mills reducing the use of Redwood and  supplying Western Red Cedar.

When Sterling Fence Inc opened in 1978, 25% of our business was installing Western Red Cedar privacy fences. By 1995, the wood installation was 50% of our business. Many customers wanted wood privacy fences for their yards.

Now, all those wood fences are reaching the end of their useful lives. However many fences are in perfectly good shape except for posts that are broken or rotted. The good news is that many of those fences can be repaired. Sterling Fence Inc does many wood repairs. We will dig out the out posts, replace then and pour new cement, thereby extending the useful life.