Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fence for pasture and paddocks

 At Sterling Fence Inc. choosing horse fencing is an important consideration when setting up any environment for your horse. This applies whether it be a farm or simply backyard fencing. Fences are essentially an “agreement” between you and your horse as most horses are capable of escaping if they so desire. Fence related injuries are a very common cause of veterinary calls so safety should be a primary concern.

Several things should be considered before you install a fence. In most cases, the best and safest type of fencing is a wooden fence.  Treated Pine is the most cost-effective of all the wood horse fencing because it is so durable. They are also very weather-resistant as well as insect infestation-resistant. Because of their treatment they are considered the most decay and mold resistant of all woods.

Another material Sterling Fence Inc. uses is Mountain Split Rail from West Virginia. This fence is made of hardwood rails and treated pine posts. The rails overlap each other through the post giving it addtional strength.

The horse paddock and pasture fence we usually build is 48" high. Sterling Fence Inc installs posts every 10' with the Mountain Split rail and every 8' with the post and Board Style,

What does the word " Gauge " mean when talking about Chain Link Fence Fabric

In talking about chain link fence you will hear the word " gauge" used repeatedly. "gauge " pronounced  "gage" is usually written as ga.  Gauge is referring to the  thickness or diameter of sheet metal or wire. With Chain link fence it is referring in particular to the thickness of the wire fabric and the tubing used in construction of the fence. The LOWER the number of the gauge, the THICKER the metal.  Fabric is commonly manufactured in 9, 11, 11 1/2 and 12 ga.  9ga is a commercial gauge, 11 ga is a heavy residential grade and 11 1/2 or 12 ga is times what big box stores often sell,  Sterling Fence Inc. uses 11ga as our standard residential product.

Vinyl chain link fabric is different.  It is measured by its overall thickness but part of its thickness is the vinyl coating. In the Twin Cities market including Sterling Fence Inc. you will see 8 ga and 9 ga. The 8 ga will have an 11ga core of steel under the vinyl and the 9 ga. will have an 11 1/2 ga of steel at its core. Sterling Fence Inc uses an 8ga vinyl as its standard residential installation.

Its important to use a fabric that is heavy enough not to bend and stretch out of shape with normal use. Using a 11 1/2 ga or lighter galvanized mesh or a 9 ga vinyl mesh will leave you with a product that will bend and stretch out of shape within 5 years with normal use. Sterling Fence Inc. has chosen a weight of mesh that with hold its shape and be as beautiful in 10 years as it is when we first install it

Who is Sterling Fence Inc.

Welcome to Sterling Fence

A Twin Cities Fencing Co.

  Sterling Fence Inc. has been in the fencing business since 1978. Our goal is to build a quality fence that will provide our customers with the best value for their investment. We strive to provide a competitive price without sacrificing the quality of workmanship or material used.
We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers and constructing fences to their satisfaction. We are a full service company, stocking materials for wood and chain link fences.
Our products include Western Red Cedar wood, Jerith® Ornamental fence, Westech® Vinyl fence in different colors, Equestrian paddock and pasture fence. Our Chain Link material includes 9 or 11 gauge galvanizing as well as 8 gauge color coated chain link. We custom build dog kennel runs that are installed in ground or free standing. We also repair Wood and Chain Link Fence
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Where does Sterling Fence Inc work in Minnesota

Sterling Fence Inc. locations :

The fencing contractors at Sterling Fence Inc. install chain link, wood panel, vinyl and ornamental fence. We are a full-service fencing company that provides service throughout the Twin Cities including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Roseville, Minnetonka, Eagan, Apple Valley, Shakopee, Edina, Eden Prairie, Chaska, Chanhassen, Waconia, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Rosemount, Wayzata, Bloomington, Burnsville and Brooklyn Park, MN. We are insured and licensed to operate in the state of Minnesota.

Monday, January 13, 2014

5 things to consider in hiring a fence contractor,

If you are beginning to think about installing a new fence around your yard this Spring you may be wondering how to choose a contractor,

One great way to start is to ask friends who have gone through the process who they used and how the experience went. At Sterling Fence Inc. 27% of our work comes from referrals from previous customers. Once you have a couple of companies that sound good, have an estimator out. A good estimator will educate you on product and process. You want to feel that you can trust the salesman,  that he is genuine and what he says is accurate and will happen as he states.

In deciding which company you want to hire, check with the Better Business Bureau. See that the companies record is good, that any disputes that may have occured  have been resolved.

You will want to hire a contractor that is licensed and insured. Sterling Fence Inc. is both licensed and insured.  To hire an uninsured contractor is to risk a lawsuit if anyone is hurt while on the job. I was at a gathering of fence contractors a few years ago and found that 20% were not carrying Workman's Comp insurance.

Finally, experience and time in business counts. The difference in experience can make the difference intially and over the life of the fence between having a finished professional look or having the look of a do it yourself project.  Anyone can install a fence, but using a material that will hold up and installing in a way that will look good in 10 years takes experience.

Invisible fence versus classic fences for Dogs

There are many options for fencing to keep you dog in your yard. A relatively new type of fence is the invisible fence. This style is designed with a buried wire underground around the perimeter of your yard and a shock collar which your dog wears around his neck which will transmit a shock to your dog if he crosses the underground wire. The dog is trained not to cross that line through the use of flags marking the underground wire.

Sterling Fence Inc. does not install this type of fence. We feel the disadvantages outweigh the advantages in most cases.

The advantages of the invisible fence are that it in inexpensive, dogs can't jump over it, gates aren't left open and you can't see it.

The disadvantages are that other animals are not kept out. Racoons which carry rabies and Coyotes are not kept out. Once in your yard they can attack your dog and your dog cannot get away because of the invisible fence.  If a squirrel or deer is seen by your dog he will usually get excited and chase it, going through the wire, getting shocked. However, he will not likely return through that line, leaving him locked out of your yard.

In addition, if your electricity goes out in a storm the system will go down and your dog will be free to run away. If this happens during the day while you are at work, its a problem,

Sterling Fence Inc. can install or sell you material  for any type of fence that will fit your budget, be beautiful and long lasting and it will keep your dog safe without having to resort to shocking him for just being a dog.